The existence of the settlement of Coma-sema can be traced back to the prehistoric Mallorcan period as testified by the existence of a megalithic monument.

The Talaiot, which according to studies of the “Societat Arqueològica Lul·liana” dates from 2.000 BC.

The first historical references to the finca that appear date from the period of the conquest by Jaime I in 1229 when the first owner was Nuño Sanz.

The Finca is situated in one of the wildest and most privileged places in the northern mountain range of Mallorca, the Sierra de Tramuntana, declared by UNESCO in 2011 as a World Heritage Site in the Cultural Landscapes category, due to such emblematic places as Orient.

Thanks to the lithographs extracted from one of the volumes of Austrian aristocrat Ar-chduke Ludwig Salvator’s (1847 – 1915) work “Die balearen in wort und bild” (1884) we can have a glimpse at how the landscape around the finca was in that period and at some of its best kept secrets.